Holiday request

Man I hate working when the weather’s this good. I also hate the blister I have on my foot. I hate the bills that come in, I hate… well I’m just so pissed off and in such a “aww screw this!” mood that I pretty much hate everything. Except that’s not really true, I need…Continue reading Holiday request


Just realised – that’s the first time I’ve used THAT word in this website, but no I’m not apologising, sometimes you need to say it!


I need to be more aggressive, I’m getting left behind for being too nice, not demanding enough. Maybe I should change careers, I would love to work with animals, or anything more rewarding than what I do now. I am soooo hacked off with work right now. I’m not sure if it’s just my usual…Continue reading Off

Right again

I love being proved right! Just after lunchtime on Monday, the sun is splitting the sky, and I’m in the ‘I could really do with not being here’ mood. S has just said she needs a holiday and I know how she feels. Still badminton tonight, something else for me to do, and the re-design…Continue reading Right again


Recharged after an excellent weekend. Sunshine, a couple of good days, and life is rosy again, isn’t it funny how quickly things can change… It’s weekends like that, that make Mondays so bad.


Re-design, improve, change. Kinda goes with my current thoughts on life, but I will no doubt press ahead anyway. So expect some changes, I would love to tell you what I have planned, but I don’t know, and won’t know until I’m finished. Hopefully something a little bit more dynamic, a little ‘cooler’…a bit more,…Continue reading Re-design

I want more

Wednesday, slipping down. I’m in that strange place where I can’t be bothered with anything, but desperately want to try something new. Yoga? The often mentioned T’ai Chi? Self-improvement seems to be a continual push, so I’m obviously not happy with me right now. But then I always want more. It’s true. When will I…Continue reading I want more


Are you bored? Wondering what the web is all about, how it really works, how it is connected? Feeling brave? Check out this site. It seems to work the same way my brain does, so I find it oddly comforting.

Good causes

The International Aids Conference kicks off today, and I’m forced to count my blessings. I hate being forced to do anything, but I can always make some exceptions. Now is it only me, or are there too many good causes to support? If (sorry, when) I win the lottery I will give virtually all the…Continue reading Good causes

Peaceful and still

Sunday, it’s oh so quiet… I love lazy days, telly playing in the background, coffee will be in constant supply and, as I type, the sun is breaking through… hmmm this is all a bit poetic… The weekends are beginning to drag, we need a break, to get away, change the scenario, even if just…Continue reading Peaceful and still