18 years old

Yesterday. 18 years of writing nonsense and publishing it on line. 18 years of blogging. 18 years of reading, and commenting, and following, and then Twitter, and Facebook, and Instagram and so it continues. 18 years ago I wrote about Sunglasses. Everything has changed since then. Nothing has changed since then. Here’s to the next…Continue reading 18 years old

Weekend Reading

What If We Cultivated Our Ugliness? or: The Monstrous Beauty of Medusa Myth and folklore teem with frightening women: man-seducers and baby-stealers, menacing witches and avenging spirits, rapacious bird-women and all-devouring forces of nature. One of a series of articles on how culture/media portrayal of women is … somewhat troubling (AKA fubar) Mossberg: The Disappearing…Continue reading Weekend Reading

May In Review

Lived Highlights Six by Nico: Childhood Still surviving Bootcamp, into the last couple of sessions now Signed up for Pedal for Scotland Bought some plants because ‘greenery’ Bought some fab new cushions Had a tattoo consultation (and booked in for August, wooop!) Aside from that, whilst I had a lot of things on, almost every…Continue reading May In Review