Keeping busy

Keeping busy The last few weeks at work were a bit manic, somewhat stressful, and long. Oh so long. I struggle to switch off at times like these but, as I’ve mentioned before, it does mean that I drop into a mindset that keeps me busy busy busy. I finished up for the holidays on…Continue reading Keeping busy

The Companion

It’s lonely in the dark. The odd rumbling of an occasional distant car, the gurgling buzz from the refridgerator, and the deep breathing and snuffling of my companion are the only noises. A gentle movement, a leg quickly retracted against the chill of the night. I stand guard as always but the monsters are few…Continue reading The Companion


Over the past few weeks I’ve been tweeting and posting to Facebook about a Kickstarter campaign that I’ve backed, trying to drum up more support. The campaign was organised by the people behind Irreverent Dance, the aim was to raise funds for Europe’s first dedicated, gender neutral, fully accessible, dance space for London’s LGBTQ community.…Continue reading Acceptance