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I am

Changes take time. No matter how deep my desire to be ‘better’ I need to learn to be patient. And I am. Changes don’t have to be sweeping. Small steps towards a goal make progress easier than trying to leap large boulders in a single bound. I should enjoy the process as much as the…Continue reading I am


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Pondering Poly

On Facebook, I am listed as being in an ‘Open Relationship’ with Kirsty. It’s something we are still figuring out, and it may change in the future. I’ve had some brief conversations with friends and family but really, what does it mean? Ultimately, that’s a question I can’t yet answer and, knowing that relationships evolve…Continue reading Pondering Poly


Warning: My main focus at the moment is my health/weight. Read on at your own risk. The transition from guilt to excuse is a quick one for me. When I feel a bit flat, or bored, or just tired (mostly the latter) I get lazy and my good intentions falter, my standards drop. I slob…Continue reading Guilt