Say Thank You

As some of you will now be aware, I am no longer writing my monthly Blog News column for the ISTC newsletter, InfoPlus+. It actually started life here on this blog, every week (or so) I used to post a list of interesting posts and blogs and for a while there was an overlap but,…Continue reading Say Thank You

Edinburgh Zoo

It was a crisp, fresh November day in Edinburgh. I surprised Kirsty with a trip to Edinburgh Zoo. Mostly to see the pandas who are, in real life, just as adorable and fluffy and cute and ohhmygodcanwetakeonehome as you’d imagine. Smaller than I thought though… Anyway. I took the camera and, despite the railings, fencing,…Continue reading Edinburgh Zoo


About a year ago, maybe more, I started writing (sporadically) in a journal and I’m quite surprised that I’ve kept it going, even though how I use it has changed. I’ve always enjoyed the process of writing, this blog is testimony to that, but even before there was this place called the internet which I…Continue reading Journalling


Have you noticed anything different here? Maybe not, but those of you who have been reading for a while (thank you!) may have noticed that I’ve been managing to post here a couple of times a week recently. Don’t worry if you didn’t notice, there is no test at the end. I’ve been pushing myself…Continue reading Censored