Working globally

The big picture is coming together. Development teams in seven different locations round the world, contracted technical writers in some locations, none in others and a product line that is merging… why that all sounds like a challenge! I’m still in discussion about how we will gather information from disparate teams using different processes (some…Continue reading Working globally

Olympic PMA

The Olympics are over, and whilst we wait for the Paralympics to start, I think it’s fair to say that the Olympics were a much bigger event than I realised. I’m sure the successes of Team GB contributed but even without that, the coverage by the BBC, and the overall feeling of euphoria and pride…Continue reading Olympic PMA

Two into one

What happens when one company acquires another? How do you merge departments, working practices, content? That’s the challenge that lies ahead for me as my company was recently acquired by Kana Software. We are still in the midst of integration planning, figuring out how to take the best parts of both product sets forward, and…Continue reading Two into one