TCUK – Call for Papers

Call for Papers for TCUK 12 Dear reader, You are an intelligent person, have you ever considered sharing your knowledge with others? Perhaps doing a short presentation at an industry conference? Regardless of your experience, or industry, the Technical Communications UK conference wants you! New speakers and experienced speakers – all welcome Regardless of whether…Continue reading TCUK – Call for Papers

From the bottom

It’s the anticipation he fears. Loves. Fears. Needs. The endless tumble in the pit of his stomach. Not knowing. Giving up everything with no return promised. But it arrives. Always. Regardless of interaction, whether gentle caress, stinging slap, or simply ignored. It always returns. He yearns. Pines. Flinches. Wants. Adores. Hides. Desire, desire, desire. There…Continue reading From the bottom


I’ll happily admit that whilst I might not be the best at it, I do love a bit of interior design. As such I’ve been trying to find a rug to ‘fit’ my living room. The main highlight colour of my living room is red, with some red striped cushions (from Next) and a red…Continue reading Rug

60 minutes

Given my previous posts on spending a little more time on me (a photo a day, reading more books, etc), this post really did strike a chord. He talks of setting aside an hour a day to “build something” (he admits the definition of  this is very loose). Since I’ve started I’ve had roughly a…Continue reading 60 minutes