Last night on Twitter I asked “Looking for a way to tag topics in an authoring platform. Not part of Author-it, does any app do it?” and a few helpful people gave me suggestions. I later clarified and thought I’d expand on that here. My clarification was that “Re tagging: we want to tag topics…Continue reading Tagging

Which way now?

I’ve been a wee bit ill the past couple of weeks, what started as a cold soon moved to my chest and, thanks to a bad chest/lung infection a few years ago, floored me for about a week. Last night I thought I’d get back into the exercise habit, nothing too strenuous mind, and after…Continue reading Which way now?


I’ll happily admit to being a bit of a day dreamer. I quite like disappearing off into my own little fantasy world head for what I guess is now known as a ‘JD moment‘ (except I don’t tilt my head). Mostly these day dreams take the form of ‘what ifs’ and play out in a…Continue reading Dreams