Weekend of OSSUM!

Sometimes things just work, pieces fall into place and without really realising it you discover you are happy, content and completely at peace with the world. And, coming from a grumpy bugger, that’s saying something! So it transpired that Saturday and Sunday melted into one big pot of OSSUM. A slow paced Saturday, an amazing…Continue reading Weekend of OSSUM!

Ho ho … ho?

It’s true. I’ve checked the calendar. Twice. It is definitely almost Christmas. Which means it’s almost the end of the year. How did that happen? I’m a bit disappointed that I’ve not yet managed to get the new ISTC website up and running. It’s close, so close, and after a few frustrating weeks of backtracking…Continue reading Ho ho … ho?

Pinch, punch

I forgot to open my advent calendar this morning, I don’t think my brain is willing to accept that it’s already the 1st of December. The year really has flown by in a haze of highs and lows, and all things considered I think the trend has been an upward one. Certainly finishing the year…Continue reading Pinch, punch


“Ying this” said Yang. His name is Maudlin. He can’t help it, he did not choose it, it was given to him. He is drawn, like a vivid butterfly daubed with life, to the dark and raging volcano. Blinded and burnt as it approaches, seared wings fizzle and disappear until nothing is left. Life dies…Continue reading Balanced

Highs and Lows

Well that was a pretty, damn epic weekend. Friday night involved mulled cider, lipstick on boobs, and other nefarious goings on including realising it was time to go to bed because daylight was returning. It was one of those unexpectedly good evenings of making new friends, and probably involved a little more whisky than was…Continue reading Highs and Lows

On not blogging

A product release is imminent. A trip to visit two customers in the US of A. Ongoing complications with the new ISTC website (soon, soon!). Planning for 2012, including a major restructure of our content. Actual writing some documentation (a rare occurrence!). Plus all the usual things that life is wont to throw at us. Maybe…Continue reading On not blogging