Back in the flow

Smugly, I’m not at work today as we have a public holiday carried over so that particular pleasure has to wait. Not so smugly I’ve got three websites to design and build, the living room and hall need painted, the ceiling of the porch needs to tackled, and a big heavy wooden reindeer is still…Continue reading Back in the flow

Floating on white

He shivers in the sterile air, pristine and shimmering as the last light of the day clambers over the rooftops. The yellow-pink hue setting a million and one diamonds ablaze, ice and snow twinkle in the embers of the day, crackling underfoot. Each steps snaps through the silence, echoing against brick and stone, gravel and…Continue reading Floating on white

New Challenges

A new year and a new set of challenges await me both here on this blog, and professionally. I’ve signed up to Project 52 in the hopes that it will help me maintain at least a regular level of content here. With quite a few side projects on the go this year I’m fearful of…Continue reading New Challenges

The year ahead

Right. It’s a New Year. Better join that gym, line up all the books I WILL read, and put away that silly Playstation thing that sucks so much of my time. I will watch less TV, write more both here and my other blog (ohh and that other place too). First things first though, a…Continue reading The year ahead