She can’t remember much of her childhood, a life spent travelling from town to provincial town, her parents picking up jobs where they could until something, as it inevitably did, went wrong. She tries not to remember the shouting and yelling, the men fighting, the women cursing, the pointing, the stares, the hasty packing of…Continue reading Svetlana

Thoughts on TCUK10

Flying back on Thursday evening I pondered the sessions I’d attended, the things I’d learned and the lessons and ideas I was taking home with me and one thing was missing. A central theme. Now, admittedly by accident, the 2009 conference appeared to be centred around “conversation”. Whether it was a direct with the users,…Continue reading Thoughts on TCUK10

Cardboard box

I have run out of cardboard boxes. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean that everything is packed, nor does it mean I have to stop moving things around and contemplating how best to pack the big ornamental candle, several bottles of various types of booze and three tea towels. But it does mean that the house is…Continue reading Cardboard box

Conference bound

There are three of us travelling down to the Technical Communications conference in Oxford. We fly down tonight, back on Thursday evening and I must admit I’m really looking forward to it. And yes, I’ve still to finish my presentation (just a couple of rehearsals left though). For those of you who can’t make it,…Continue reading Conference bound

In Space

Tentatively he walks forward, through the rolling mist that envelopes him. Here and there sparks flash, pockets of light float past, a million different shades of sparkle and dark. Unsure of where he is going he continues to move forward, an outstretched hand reaching for something he can’t see, a presence he can’t touch. She…Continue reading In Space


Pushing down on me, pushing down on you, no man ask for.. Top tune that. Greatest band in the world, don’t ya know. So, how’s yer bum for lovebites? As an Irish friend was wont to say. Remember how I said about the possibility of things getting a little mental and how the next few…Continue reading Pressure


There might be news tomorrow. Good news that is. I am NOT counting any chickens though. I am NOT crossing everything that can be crossed. I am NOT praying to a deity I don’t believe in. I am NOT going to follow the viewers round (on their ‘final look before deciding’) muttering “please, please, please,…Continue reading Maybe