The Long Weekend

I fear that my new abode will very quickly be filled with a mish-mash of antiques and general tat. Mostly the latter. I’m basing this on a short wander around a vintage store at the weekend. Lots of big old pieces of furniture, as well as a lot of stuff I wouldn’t give house room…Continue reading The Long Weekend

Band of Skulls

A couple of weeks ago I went to see a band called “Band of Skulls”. Similarly as to when I went to see a band called “Eagles of Death Metal”, the very name of the band prompts raised eyebrows and questions of what type of “noise” I’m inflicting upon myself. Interestingly, both bands are similarly…Continue reading Band of Skulls

Please Read This

Well, not this… this: The Best Thing I’ve Read All Year. Regardless of your sexual preference, political views or religious bent, we are all here on the same earth.

Lost Key

It is a ramshackle place, half-closed blinds filter streams of dusty sunlight across the threadbare carpets. Somewhere a breeze creeps through a gap and dances through the hall, ruffling the thin trail of smoke as the joss stick quietly smoulders. The furniture is old, loved and carefree, a random matching of patterns and leather. Echoes…Continue reading Lost Key

Too early

I AM WITHOUT LIE-IN, AND I AM ANNOYED! It’s really not fair you know, the least we could get is a warming or quiet word to let us know it’s gonna happen but noooooooooooooo. One day I’m perfectly able to sleep until 10am on a Saturday morning, the next and I’m lucky if it’s 8am.…Continue reading Too early

First things first

I’m in the midst of interviewing to fill a vacancy for a technical writer in our team. I’m also thinking ahead as to how to get them integrated into how we do things. And then I remembered what we have done previously. “Hello, welcome to our wonderful company. Here is a copy of the software,…Continue reading First things first

Live music

In the past few weeks I’ve attended 3 gigs (with a 4th happening on Thursday). I’ve not written up any thoughts about any of them, a habit I’ve fallen out of because I know I struggle sometimes to capture my thoughts about live music, and I’m guilty of always having just attended the ‘best gig…Continue reading Live music

X marks the spot

Outside there is the most eerie golden glow as the sun sets. Half the sky is light, half the sky is dark as the rain falls from a thick dark cloud. The weather, it seems, is undecided which, funnily enough was my state of mind a couple of hours ago. There I stood, pencil in…Continue reading X marks the spot