Knowing Better

I am annoyed. I am annoyed mostly at myself, largely because I knew this was something that needed done but didn’t do it for the usual reasons that everyone uses to put off doing anything. Too busy, too tired, not enough time, etc etc. It’s one of those things that won’t take half as long…Continue reading Knowing Better

Twitter is useful

At the Technical Communications conference last year, I had a couple of discussions with people about Twitter. I was mostly trying to convince them of why I found it valuable, they were mostly of the opinion it was noise about what people had for lunch. I’ve recently been reminded of the value Twitter can have,…Continue reading Twitter is useful

Still here

Am packing, send boxes! and Jaffa Cakes!! We are packing, splitting up fragments of our life into cardboard boxes. We are trying to do this whilst keeping the house looking tidy and clean for any potential viewers, so the boxes are stacked in the garage. Not ideal but it’ll do for now. We’ve had one…Continue reading Still here

Slides and notes

Blogging View more presentations from Gordon McLean. Yesterday I gave a presentation on blogging as part of a series of eSeminars arranged by Adobe. The slides (shown above) can be downloaded from my slideshare account. Also of note was the live Twitter stream that Dawn Gartin posted throughout my talk, it almost sounds like I…Continue reading Slides and notes

On Shopping

I’m a terrible shopper. If I’m shopping for something I need I’m just the worst person, unable to make a decision because, well, what if there is a cheaper option in the next shop, or a better model for the same price, or maybe I won’t suit that colour? Terrible. If I’m shopping for something…Continue reading On Shopping

Rock and Roll

A quick update on my rock and roll lifestyle. On Monday night I spent most of the evening surfing the internet, online window shopping for new furniture and other bits and bobs. Last night I spent some of the evening flicking through catalogues, browsing for new furniture and other bits and bobs. Jealous, aren’t ya.…Continue reading Rock and Roll

Virtual Shopping

I’m the worst person in the world when it comes to buying big ticket items as I find myself lost in endless loops of reviews, recommendations, better options, different options, cheaper deals, discounts and before long I start to lose interest and end up just not buying something or, more often than not, I end…Continue reading Virtual Shopping

Desire to create

I have a Tumblr account and spend far too long on the main website, randomly surfing and finding all manner of wonderous things to “reblog”. It’s an interesting place, filled with angst-ridden teens, provoking artists of many forms and twats like me who don’t actually create anything. I use Tumblr mostly for capturing things in…Continue reading Desire to create