Again. Very busy. Can’t blog. Know it’s ok NOT to blog. Still feel I SHOULD blog. Blame Twitter? Stop blogging? Blame work? Blame too many irons in the fire? Not important. Just stuff. Stuff can be put on hold. Grand scheme, this is nothing. But it’s still mine. So it stays. Just not as much.…Continue reading Repetition

On Google Wave

I think I’m starting to get it. I’ve used it a couple of times but not for any other reason than to play with it, but now I have an actual need for a place to collaborate with a group of geographically displaced people, the ISTC Community website, it’s starting to make sense. And I’m…Continue reading On Google Wave

Being offline

Things I didn’t do yesterday. 1. Check my email. 2. Check Twitter. 3. Check RSS feeds for updates. 4. Look at any websites, whatsoever. And, you know what, nothing broke, the world is still spinning. Just a wee note to you all, sitting there reading this (yes, all 6 of you), now and again trying…Continue reading Being offline

Hounds of Hell

Glancing down at the readout I notice, with some dismay, that I’ve still got 4 minutes left. I glance around me, at the huffing man on the treadmill, the two girls gossiping whilst idly spinning the wheels on their bikes, and a middle-aged woman staring in bewilderment at the exercise sheet she is holding. And…Continue reading Hounds of Hell

The Notebook

“This time it will be different, it will, it will, it will.” She repeats her promise over and over, the needle jumping inside her head. “This time I will be controlled and calm, I’m sure he will notice”, she thinks, “He must notice and if he doesn’t, I will make sure he does!” She laughs…Continue reading The Notebook

All systems go

Back from a leisurely week in Spain, it’s now February and, frankly, I need to get my ass in gear. I have plans, I have website clients, I have resolutions, and ain’t no-one but me that can do squat about them. I need a little focus though, but that’s coming, things are becoming clearer and…Continue reading All systems go