Darkness unbeing

It’s an itch, and urge, a pulling, scratching, gouging force churning away inside him. His chest is tight, knotted, formulate and plotting. Despising and demonic he plots revenge, he charts the motions and savours the instant. Brutal and vicious, he is animal. A deep breath. It refuses to move. Tensed, he is ready to pounce,…Continue reading Darkness unbeing

ISTC Newsletter

Time flies, particularly when a deadline looms and so it was last night when, due to this silly, short, month (which has flown by) I had to rattle out my monthly column to go in the ISTC Newsletter, InfoPlus+, toute de suite. I mentioned this on Twitter and was promptly asked where it was published.…Continue reading ISTC Newsletter

Harsh Beauty

The snow has turned to slush, that most dreaded of underfoot conditions. Yet there are small patches of white clinging to the bushes and peppering the fields. The morning light is cold and thin, leaving everything dull and flat. Yet there is still a stark beauty at play, a clean harshness that I find attractive.…Continue reading Harsh Beauty

And stretch…

Chatting to one of the instructors at the gym last night, I mentioned that I had thought about signing up for a Yoga class as I really need to improve my flexibility. He advised me not to until I’d reached a reasonable level on my own, and at that he turned his attentions to the…Continue reading And stretch…


I had an appointment with the nurse this morning, to get my blood pressure checked. Currently at 147/71 which I’m quite happy with. The second number is the important one, it’s down from 86 at the previous reading, and as I started with 196/122 (eek!) then it seems the pills and exercise and trying to…Continue reading Drink!


Ohh not done one of these for ages. And the thing is, I really don’t want to revisit one part of the weekend as it’s still very painful. Yes, I’m talking about the rugby. I’m sure if you are a ‘neutral’ it was a thrilling game, but I’m not neutral, I’m Scottish and given how…Continue reading Weekender