Stop making excuses

“Sorry I’m late”

“With all due respect to…”

Sometimes it feels like my life is littered with apologies which, whilst they are nice to hear, aren’t being offered as an apology but as a platitude.

Being sorry you are late once or twice is one thing, continually apologising for being late suggests you are both a. insincere and b. lying.

I’d much rather you just admit that whilst you may feel some guilt for being late, you aren’t sorry at all. For some reasons these people think that saying you are sorry in some way excuses the fact you can’t organise your time and don’t really care that it impacts on MY time (which admittedly I’m pretty damn anal about because I happen to think it’s quite important).

If you have no good reason for being late, tell me why, but don’t expect that an apology makes it ok. It doesn’t.

Same goes for those people who insult someone but make sure they don’t seem TOO nasty by leading with “I mean, with all due respect to…”.

Bollocks to that. You obviously don’t respect someone as you’ve just insulted them. You can’t have it both ways.

Perhaps 2010 should be the year of telling the truth. Perhaps.