Almost finished

Bye bye 2009, almost. It’s been…. well for the most part it’s been fun, it’s been good, I’ve learnt a lot, and will take some of that into the coming year. Christmas was, as ever, a mixbag of anti-climax, lots of food, laughter, some alcohol and a nasty hacking cough. I have resolutions ready, one…Continue reading Almost finished


I can remember the first time I heard it, in the Clyde Bar in Helensburgh. Raw, explosive, vitriolic and, to my 17yr old ears, a spitting hammer blow through my music collection. I bought the CD that weekend and as soon as I got home, rushed up to my room, closed the door (I’m not…Continue reading MNTKOT*

A new view

A few years ago, having bought my first digital camera, I realised there was much more to taking a photograph than just “point and shoot” and I started to consider the machinations of photography a bit more seriously, I read up on things like exposure, aperture, f-stops and other things with odd names to make…Continue reading A new view

How to Write

What a wonderful group of people you are, my dear readers and fellow Twitterers. I asked for some suggestions as I’m pulling together a short, internal, workshop covering some simple techniques and tips for the “non-writers” in our organisation. I received some great suggestions and a couple of excellent links and, as promised, here is…Continue reading How to Write

Frosty Spruce

Frosty Spruce, originally uploaded by Gordon. The freezing fog cleared and left little droplets of sparkle on everything. Sometimes words aren’t enough.