What next?

Last night, around 3am, I woke up. I lay there in bed wondering why I’d woken up and as my mind started to churn I realised I was very very awake. In flooded four things I’ve been thinking about for some time, all of which are related but I couldn’t quite make the connection. Last…Continue reading What next?

Author-it & Word

A teeny tiny gotcha that I thought I’d mention here. I can’t find explicit mention of it in the Author-it Knowledge Center and it’s tripped me up a bit. Quite simply, and I realise these will sound obvious, make sure everyone who is using Author-it is using the same version of Microsoft Word. My particular…Continue reading Author-it & Word

Yearly Ritual

I have a ritual on mornings like this. I wake up with a level of excitement, take a deep breath to steady myself, get up and walk calmly to the window. I throw open the curtains, don’t worry I don’t ALWAYS sleep naked so the chances of my dangling bits being on show are minimal,…Continue reading Yearly Ritual

Selling ourselves

Like many, I struggle at times with a common perception, one which was highlighted to me yesterday by a colleague. Like most team leads/managers, I have a lot of tasks that aren’t purely focussed on the creation of information. I don’t do much technical writing, instead letting the guys in my team focus on that…Continue reading Selling ourselves

The Drugs Work

On Monday evening we got home to a slightly limping cat. He had a sore paw which we really didn’t want us to touch, and was generally moping about feeling sorry for himself. He seemed a bit better yesterday morning so we left him to it and went to work. However when we got home…Continue reading The Drugs Work