All is not me

Having my iPhone not quite working properly over the past few days made me realise just how hooked into the ‘online world’ I am. I think I have a good balance though, it’s not like I spend all day staring at screens of information, cherry-picking things I’m interested in, things I might find useful in…Continue reading All is not me

Tell the truth

In direct contrast to my recent experience with Royal Mail, I’ve also had some issues with my iPhone and had to deal with the Geniuses at the Apple store in Glasgow. Genius might be over-egging it a bit but suffice to say the experience was far far more positive and is an excellent example in…Continue reading Tell the truth

Strange season

Walking through Glasgow yesterday, my eye was drawn to a few window boxes. Dashes of scarlet red and vibrant yellow were glowing in the early morning sun, people were walking about in short sleeves, sunglasses hiding their eyes. As I walked on, a burnt orange leaf helter skeltered towards the ground then, as the chilled…Continue reading Strange season

Please don't lie

This post is prompted entirely by my recent interactions with Royal Mail, but the hold true for many organisations. Life, as we all know, has times when it just seems to be ganging up on you. Nothing seems to go right, nothing happens the way you expect and you are left in an uncomfortable place…Continue reading Please don't lie

Music Futures

Prompted by some questions about Spotify on Twitter, questions which sparked a heated debate that is still raging*, I thought I’d revisit my own music purchasing and usage habits and see where I sit in the consumer spectrum. First things first then, I do purchase music mostly, these days, through iTunes. Mostly because it’s handy…Continue reading Music Futures