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I’ve been writing this blog for quite a while, so I must admit that I’m surprised that this is the first time I’ve found myself in my current position.

Perhaps it’s because I tend not to make inflammatory statements (aside from that post about the Bible being a work of fiction written by the Devil, obv) but I’ve never had to censor any comments before.

Luckily I have a Comment Posting Policy which states:

I reserve the exclusive right to moderate all comments posted on my site, including but not limited to… deleting comments that contain offensive language. Repeated use of abusive and offensive language will be deleted and banned.

So, said comment is gone, forever banished to the land of dead pixels and binary dust.

5 thoughts on “Censorship

  1. Gordon Post author

    Ahh the comment didn’t make it as far as the website, and was on an old post, sorry to spoil your fun ladies!!

  2. Lyle

    Damn, you mean I’ve never fallen foul of your comment censoring policy?


    Still, at least I now have a goal for the week…

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