Month: April 2009

In the head space

Adrift. Floating in an empty space. Colour fills the horizon, seeping into the space below, sinking deeper and merging with black.

The subtle rhythm of the music, the staccato beat fills the room. Repetition on repetition, frequency and tone, key in maintaining the moment. Syncopated change fluctuates the air and the colours swirl once more, the room spins back into being whilst retaining a distance, smoked glass and dull mirrors.

Lost in fragments of time, seconds are hours, minutes become seconds. The colours blur, space bends and the contours are rubbed smooth with the resonance of the sound in the air. Animal cries punctuate each instance, a moment scattered and regained. Carnal, base utterances added to the cacophony and once more dark fades to white, the light blue of the sky above, clear, vivid, pinsharp.

Each emotion, each instant is beautiful, locked in memory. Their eyes meet and know it to be true, all of this and more, each nerve ending tingles as they spark off each other. Electric, alive, one.

Again, everything shimmers and returns to dull normality. The sounds and smells remain but the light has dimmed, and as it fades everything is restored. Everything is just how it was left, yet everything has changed. Once again it is over.

Leaving now, contemplative and sullen, quietly content and sated. Until the next time when everything will change again, every action and sliver will twist and bend, ready to take on a new form. A singularity bonded from the motions, the writhing mass responding as one. A unique bond, a tie that will hold against the tide of discontent, against the maelstrom that will always rage.

Distracted, again

Whilst my bagels toast, in prepartion for a rather unhealthy yet delicious slathering of coronation chicken, I thought I’d quickly jump on the computer to google a couple of things.

That was about an hour ago. The bagels have long since popped up and announced themselves by distributing a salivating scent throughout the house, yet here I sit, working away.

I’ve just sent off a mockup to a new client, and this afternoon (in lieu of gardening, again) I’ll be finishing off the design of another website.

Whilst here I nipped onto Google Reader and found myself absorbed in the latest post from the Queen of the Internet. I currently have a post languishing in draft that touches on a little of this, but as ever someone else, someone who is actually qualified to say something in this area, says it much better than I could (and, as ever, posted before I did too!).

Ohh and whilst I remember, tomorrow is the first weigh-in of the new regime. I did look back over the information I logged through January and February and I’m quite pleased that I have managed to keep off some of the weight I started the year with (8lbs). So at least I won’t be starting completely from scratch.

Right, off to reheat some bagels, then I’ll come back and, at some point, finish off that blog post.

Well, it’s either that or gardening (something I am beginning to think I am genetically programmed to loathe).

Back on track

The past few weeks have been a bit, mostly, shit. As I’ve said before, there is a lot of my life that I don’t blog about, and I’m not about to change that so you’ll just have to trust me.

However, all of that is now in the past, and whilst some of it is still very raw it is beginning to heal so I can now start to look ahead. As someone once said “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. I am Hercules.

One thing that I let slip quite badly is my weight. I was doing pretty well, had lost almost a stone, but it was (and usually is) the first thing that I take my eye off and so I find myself back up around 17st again.

I had gotten into the habit of weighing myself every day, with the full understanding that your weight fluctuates a great deal each day, to make sure I was aware of my weight as much as possible, trying to trick my brain into remember that I’m fat as, despite the fact my clothes are tight and when I look down I can SEE that I’m fat, my brain doesn’t really seem to register the fact.

So that’ll need to get kick started. The Wii Fit will be dragged out from under the TV stand again, and hopefully the physio exercises for my knee will start to have some effect and I might be able to start walking (not running) as a form of exercise.

I think I’m going to post my weekly weight on here, in the vague hope that it will publically shame me and keep me focussed. This morning I was 16st 13lbs, but will probably post my weekly updates on a Monday which is, again, a subtle form of engineering that should stop me pulling out my usual “ach it’s the weekend…” excuse.

At least, that’s my plan. As ever I reserve the right to change my mind as and when my life takes another turn.

It's just one day

April Fool! hahahahaha

Such is the hilarity and spirit of the day, a day where every passing moment is met with another outburst of laughter at yet another ‘fool’.

Or not, as it would seem many people have had a silliness bypass (I’m a big fan of silly). To which I say “pfffffftt”.

Twitter is the main culprit, spoiling all the fun by allowing people a quick outlet for all the “ohhh, have you spotted THIS April Fool” and “ohhhh, I wouldn’t have fallen for THAT April Fool”. Which just ruins any possiblity of the element of surprise.

And don’t even get me started on the tone adopted by many, that condescending sneer at all the idiots that were taken in, it’s very unbecoming.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite happy for you to opt-out of April Fool, and I don’t like the gags that don’t allow people to avoid them, but if you really think it’s all a bit silly and beneath you then, do me a favour, shut up. Let us “idiots” and “silly people” enjoy our little bit of daftness.


Twitter apps

So Twitter is all the rage. It’s NOW! It’s happening, if you ain’t on it, you ain’t got it! It’s hip to be square!!

Ahhh, except it’s not.

I’ve tried a few Twitter apps over the past few months, some have worked well for me, others not, but the latest one I tried just seems to wedge itself into my way of working without a problem, it’s a delicious slice of Twitter fun, whilst not forgetting all the topping features that every good Twitter app should have.

The idea sounds daft, but it really works well. It’s still in BETA so there are some rough edges, but no square ones!! The basic premise is that (and I think this is just the first of many themes) the app will spin up and show you categorised Twitters from the people you follow, all delivered via pizza (now THAT’S knowing your audience, what geek doesn’t like pizza!):

The smaller slices of sausage are pepperoni, where the twitterers you follow show up. The big sausage slices are “The Big Salami”, where you keep your favourite tweeters or your celebrities! Tweet pepperonis show up in clusters when they’re from the same person or there’s a conversation between twitterers.

It’s available for OSX and Windows, and it’s really worth a try. Go on try a slice of Tweezza!