Not too proud

How often do you ask for help?

The reason I ask is that whilst I can be pretty bloody minded at times, I am always more than happy to ask people questions.

I truly don’t understand the mindset of those that just presume they are smart enough to be able to get through something without additional help. I include searching the internet in that statement as well for, despite the fact you need to carefully vet the information you find there (here?), it is a good source of useful information and answers.

And yes, it does seem to be a guy thing, doesn’t it?

I sometimes wonder if the reason I don’t fully understand that way of thinking is because… and please, hear me out… is because of my star sign. I’m a Libra.

Now I’m not saying that’s the main reason, I presume that at some point in the past I’ve read up about what Librans are supposed to be like and that has matched with the fact that I do find myself able to see both sides of the story and that I do believe that balance should be saught in most situations.

So no, I don’t understand the mindset of those peacock proud guys who strut around and presume that they know best, and yes, I’m self-aware enough to know that, whilst I can play along with the “alpha male” thing when I need to, I have a little more emotional range than a lot of guys. I’m very happy with my feminine side.

And with all that in mind, my dear blog reader, I have a question for you.

What on earth should I write about next?