Useful procrastination

I’m updating. I’m updating my budget spreadsheet and hating the colour red. I’m updating Twitter. I’m updating my About page, and wondering what else I can write. I’m updating the list of online accounts, usernames and passwords as I’m getting fed up having to hunt for them. I’m updating my list of backup files. I’m…Continue reading Useful procrastination


For lunch today, whilst the cars drone round the F1 circuit in Bahrain and millions of weary runners plod their way over the finishing line of the London Marathon, I will be having Raisin and Cinnamon bagels, lightly toasted. On said bagels I’ll put some salad cream and some thin slices of chicken. Apparently this…Continue reading Tastebuds

Chapter 1

From a darkened doorway she peers through the drizzle to the steamy window of the cafe across the street, eyes flickering nervously from table to table, idle patrons chatting in their booths. A couple laughing at a shared joke, an old man staring out at the dull sky as steam spirals from the chipped mug…Continue reading Chapter 1