Branded much?

Branded much?, originally uploaded by Gordon. In Glasgow STOP Haz caffeine STOP world now better place STOP Further photos may be forthcoming STOP

New Manager: How do you take over as manager for a group of technical writers?

I recently received an email which asked: Since my career seems to be following a path broadly similar to yours … I’d love to know what your experience was and any lessons learned. Specifically Mark, who sent the email, asked a few questions: How do you take over as manager for a group of technical…Continue reading New Manager: How do you take over as manager for a group of technical writers?

Fellow Followers

A couple of days ago I Twittered the following “Twitter-verse – recommendations for a Photo Poster service (ie, send them a JPG, they send back a large format ‘poster’ of said photo)“, to which Lyle responded “@gordon : Photobox, although it does depend on the size of print“. Last night I browsed to the Photobox…Continue reading Fellow Followers

Music to work by

I have a thing for loud, chord heavy rock music. It is why I still enjoy tracks from The Cult, why Puddle of Mudd, Eagles of Death Metal, Aerosmith and the like feature heavily on my playlists. None of those acts (with perhaps the exception of Aerosmith) would claim that they are at the pinnacle…Continue reading Music to work by

Cherryleaf Survey

Cherryleaf will soon be publishing the results of their recent survey of Documentation Managers* and, having skimmed through a preview, the main thing that leaps out at me is that the field of Technical Communications in the UK remains as diverse as ever in many respects, yet completely the same in others, and none of…Continue reading Cherryleaf Survey

Jumping Twitter?

I’ve been Twittering for almost two years now and after being an early adopter who quickly turned naysayer, it’s now proving to be useful in a myriad of subtle and different ways. It alerts me to breaking news (I heard of the Hudson River crash before anything featured on the BBC News website), provides movie,…Continue reading Jumping Twitter?