Year: 2008


No, this is not a kitten post. We are not getting a kitten, there will be no cuteness here, well maybe a little for we are getting a cat in a week or so, more specifically we are getting a 1 year old, jet black cat called Ollie.

My nephew and his flatmate have to give up their flat and rather than have the cat go to the local cat rescue centre we thought we’d take him. We both work all day and decided that it wouldn’t be fair on a kitten, nor a puppy and so other than getting a goldfish we kinda thought we’d remain petless for a while.

However Ollie is a housecat, well trained and v.friendly, so it’s a great opportunity to get a little black ball of fun into the house. He’s getting all his jags and ‘stuff’ sorted out before we get him, and we’ve already got a cattery sorted out for when we go to Spain in February.

There is just one thing though, we both grew up with dogs (Golden Retrievers) so whilst we know the basics of looking after a cat, well any advice or tips would be welcomed. Particularly on making it at home and making sure it’s well entertained during the day.

Over to you, cat lovers, what can we do to make Ollie feel at home? Should we let him out? Any good websites for cat related information? We are both complete novices, other than having played with a few cats now and then, so any advice is welcomed.

Happy New Year


No resolutions from me as I don’t bother with them, and also because I decide what mine would be back in November. That said, the traditional “must lose weight” makes an appearance, as does “must read more”. The former is largely down to the fact I’ve not been running… and because I’ve been using that as an excuse to eat everything in sight with the proviso that “I’ll diet in the New Year”.

The latter is mainly because I’d like to get away from BUYING books that go unread until I take a holiday.

So, really, 2008 will be the year of “NO”. I need to protect my waistline and my freetime!

Ummm, right. Two resolutions then.

What are yours? Do you bother with them? Is the whole thing just a sham? And, this might just be, why is the room spinning? Is it anything to do with staying up drinking until 7am??