Can you tell?

A quick stroke of the chin, a flicker of the eyes round the table, a slight linger before flicking your cards flat.

Or in my case a ‘woooop’, a fist punching the air and a little victory dance. OK, maybe not.

I’m still learning the basics of Poker but far more interesting to me is the subtle tactical and psychology side. To bluff or not, to show your hand or not, when to raise the stakes, when to try and lull in your opponents, when to play a hand, when not, there are so many subtle variables in the basic gameplay that rely on … well, almost a sneaky nature.

I can see why so many people enjoy playing the game, there is a certain personal thrill to be had when you win a hand by bluffing (managed that once!) and as it’s every man for himself then, obviously, the ego comes into play. I don’t yet have a ‘poker-face’ mind you and I think that’s my weakness so I’ll be trying out a few little tactics this evening.

Anyone else a poker fan? Any hints or tips?