News Headlines

Gosh, things are bad aren’t they. Awful. Credit Crunch apparently. No no, recession now. Or is it still a ‘downturn’? Hey it can’t be bad, did you hear the profit announcment from BP? Enough of that, what about Brand and Ross? What a fuss! Fine them and be done with it. Everyone knows what they…Continue reading News Headlines


runkeeper, originally uploaded by Gordon. First run with this and it’s BANG on the money, you can even see which side of the road I ran down. Brilliant. It’s still early days, and doesn’t have the same depth of information that a website like Fetch does but it’s quick and works far better than the…Continue reading RunKeeper

Aimee Mann

It was my first visit to the Old Fruitmarket venue in Glasgow last night, to listen to ‘that woman who had several songs on the soundtrack of Magnolia’, Aimee Mann. I can’t quite remember how I discovered her, but it was only recently that I purchased her previous album Bachelor No.2 and, quite liking it,…Continue reading Aimee Mann

On not running

Not jogging today as I have a twinge in my back. It happened at some point at work on Friday, just a wee tweak of a muscle I’m sure but I really don’t want to risk it. I’ll try to go out tomorrow night I think. The jogScotland programme helps when this happens, it’s a…Continue reading On not running

My name is important

If you get a moment go check out or for that matter I own neither unfortunately. Both are high-level domains, both are classed as desirable (read, expensive) and both are currently being used… for nothing. Well I’m sure they bring in money for the person who owns them and has them sitting their…Continue reading My name is important

iPhone Apps

I’m still loving my iPhone, despite it’s foibles (why can’t I send a link of my current location from the Maps application to another iPhone user? Or even a weblink to Google maps? Or.. you get the point). To capture my current usage I thought I’d jot down the apps I currently have installed. Because,…Continue reading iPhone Apps

Back on track

Whilst I can’t say the words are flowing all that freely the past few hectic weeks are behind me and, whilst the next few are still full of plenty of things that need done/attend, they are all mostly things I can envisage and plan for so that, somehow, seems like things are better. Which makes…Continue reading Back on track

Changing Roles

Where does the ‘documentation manager’ fit in an organisation? As our company grows and we push ourselves to be better it is envitable that some people will end up in slightly different roles than they envisaged. Thankfully my current company isn’t too bogged down on job titles and org charts, preferring to make sure that…Continue reading Changing Roles