Quack, quack

Ladies and Gentlepeeps of the blogerati, I stand before you today, humbled and modest, to accept this sumptuous award. The rather lovely (and still on my list of bloggers to meet) Mike, has passed this gorgeous trophy to me and took a moment to give me that most very British of compliments. Yes, let it…Continue reading Quack, quack


The main focus of the past weekend was the engagement party for my sister and her fiancé, and if I’m not mistaken it went without a hitch. It was a self-catered affair in a local bowling green (cheap booze!), the DJ was good, everyone seemed to have a good time and there are rumours that…Continue reading Weekender


ss001, originally uploaded by Gordon. Since I was asked, here is my current Windows XP desktop. I keep the desktop clean, it’s my “inbox” where things are then filed or moved. The taskbar fades out when the mouse ISN’T over it, and yeah Xentient Thumbnails to get the icon of an image to display as…Continue reading My PC

A new shiny browser

Boy, am I ever glad I held back from posting about the new browser from Google. It’s been an interesting couple of days though, starting with the comic book style introduction which I kinda like. This raised several flags in my professional circle, both amongst the geeks (ohh we re-use the Javascript engine..) and the…Continue reading A new shiny browser

Driving Development

Recently Daniel Brolund posted an idea around something he termed User Guide Driven Development, it’s an interesting read and, you know what, he’s almost right. Almost. First up you should note that Daniel works for the company that created the application he name drops in his post, Bumblebee. However his approach did ring a few…Continue reading Driving Development

I shopped

Having managed to drag myself out of bed on Saturday morning, I found myself walking across the footbridge into Glasgow at some ungodly hour (anything before 10am on a Saturday is illegal, in my world). My plan of action was to head up to Buchanan Galleries and work my way back down to the train…Continue reading I shopped