Eclectic Less

You are what they eat, they say, in which case I’m mostly caffeine and potatoes. As for what you listen to, that too has an influence on who you are and, naturally, vice versa. With this in mind it is with some disdain that I find myself plumped among the masses when it comes to…Continue reading Eclectic Less

iTunes 8

I know a lot of you bemoan the fact it grabs huge chunks of memory, and that it has the audacity to organise your music into folders for you. I know this but, as I run on a nice chunky PC with plenty of memory and I don’t really care WHERE my music is stored…Continue reading iTunes 8

UA Conference

Later on this week I’ll be attending the UA Conference in Edinburgh. Formally known as the “Online Help Conference” it’s a long running conference which I last attended back in 2001 when it was held in Copenhagen. That conference involved a dinner cruise on the canals of the city, followed by a couple… ok several..…Continue reading UA Conference

This is taking the…

Biscuits, originally uploaded by Gordon. Thanks to all who voted, as it stands the humble Custard Cream is out in front, but you can change that! Ohh and the photo here does not include the Ginger Snap as, it seems, they have been discontinued! Ohh noes!

What do you write?

Most of my experience is based around software documentation. Whilst there are several levels to this, from task oriented User Guides through to highly technical API/SDK documentation, they tend to follow similar patterns making it easy for me to take my experience and apply it to new challenges. I’ve also been involved in writing up…Continue reading What do you write?

Morning World

Time moves on and these days I tend to watch Saturday Kitchen as opposed to Soccer AM (blame the new Soccer AM bloke, he’s rubbish). So whilst I sup on my coffee, Ken Hom is stirring up some Pork and Pineapple dish and I’m salivating. Anyway, today I’m doing a little research after an interesting…Continue reading Morning World


Custard Cream or Bourbon? Digestive or Hobnob? With this being the internet there is, of course, a website dedicated to this topic. In the office we, on a somewhat random basis, get free biscuits. It’s a limited selection and, as I work with a large number of people who aren’t that long out of university,…Continue reading Biscuit-iquette

Just enough

When I first started out in this industry I received little direction other than “make sure you check everything” so a lot of my original ideas of how I should work and what documentation should cover were largely my own. I looked at manuals for a variety of applications and took ideas from them, adapting…Continue reading Just enough


Having watched some of the opening ceremony I finally got a moment to catch the Paralympic coverage on TV last night, and it’s well worth it. During the Olympics I mentioned that what draws me in isn’t necesarily a love of sport (although that is part of it) but the story itself, and it’s even…Continue reading Paralympics