Back to reality

As Budapest fades into rose-tinted memory the mundane returns. Well it’s not mundane really, it’s quite exciting you know, getting up at 1am to save a little mouse from the clutches of our cat and then again at 4.30am to remove a dead mouse from the kitchen floor (different mouse, he’s getting good at this!).…Continue reading Back to reality

Revision Control

Prompted by an excellent article – Subversion for writers – I thought it might be useful to offer a Windows view. Like most software groups, our development team use a version control system to manage multiple versions of the product; we have customers using many previous versions and all are maintained in the same system…Continue reading Revision Control

Memories of Budapest

On reflection I don’t really have the words to describe just how stunningly gorgeous the city of Budapest is, we ran out of superlatives very early on and the sheer number of photos I took (even when you discount several retakes) of random buildings and parks, statues and memorials, should provide some indication of how…Continue reading Memories of Budapest

Old habits

Louise and I commute to and from work. We get up in the morning, stumble out of the door around 7am and return home around 6pm. A quick coffee, dinner, and depending on what needs done around the house a quick tidy up or anything that needs done for the next day. After that, it’s…Continue reading Old habits