New books

So I’ve updated my bookshelf with a couple of new books, and an old one. I’ve started The World Is Flat which is utterly fascinating, even if it is slightly outside of the more traditional technical communications area. However anyone with any interest in social media (aka Web 2.0) should give it a look. My…Continue reading New books

Keyboard and Mouse

I should’ve waited before replacing my old PC with another one. If I had I wouldn’t have my current dilemma as I’d be typing this post on an iMac, with a nice wireless keyboard, thin of form, full of factor. But I’m not so here are my requirements and, dear reader, I’d like your thoughts…Continue reading Keyboard and Mouse

Life ahoy!

Right on cue, the star of the show wanders into the living room, damp from the drizzle outside, he rubs himself dry on my trouser leg. And now he’s lying on my foot, dozing off… purring like a contented cat should. Actually I wasn’t going to talk about him but as he’s made an appearance…Continue reading Life ahoy!

Recently Read

Conference season is underway, with DocTrain and AODC recently finishing. As such there is a lot of great and interesting blog posts out there, some are catchup style so if, like me, you didn’t attend you can still get some nuggets of information from them. But the type I prefer are the ones which collate…Continue reading Recently Read


Ironman kicked off Friday night, and I have to say it’s a darn good blockbuster with Robert Downey Jnr. on twinklingly good form as the rock’n’roll engineer and hero of the story. Jeff Bridges was pretty good too although we are convinced he had platform boots on or something because he suddenly seemed very tall.…Continue reading Weekender

Recently Read

I took a few days holiday last week (if you get the chance, go visit Budapest, it’s lovely) so here’s a little bit of catchup from the RSS feeds I monitor. You can download the list over on the right there. How Corporate RSS Supports Collaboration and Innovation Dennis McDonald pulls together some good arguments…Continue reading Recently Read