Good Customer Service

Regular readers will be aware that we’ve recently had a new kitchen installed, and that we had some delays in that process. We sent off a letter of complaint asking for compensation for having spent over 4 weeks without a kitchen (the room was completely bare, back to floorboards and brick).

Last night we received a response.

In a two page letter, each of our points was tackled, apology was offered and a full explanation of the processes and reasons for the delay were given. It was sympathetically written whilst being firm on certain points, and answered every issue we raised. It also offered us an amount of compensation that we are happy with (we pitched higher, and they offered exactly what we wanted, score!). The matter is, in essence, closed.

I will be phoning the Head of Technical Services to clarify one thing, namely that they need to outline their working processes in a bit more detail, but that aside I have to admit that, throughout our dealings with them, Kitchens Direct have been excellent.

Whilst they could do with a few more staff on the support line, every query I had was dealt with quickly and, crucially, I was kept up to speed at all times.

Replacing an entire kitchen is a major piece of work, so Louise and I went into it with the full understanding that there would be some glitches along the way and aside from the 4 week gap of inactivity, we only had a few problems. For example, a skip was supposed to be delivered to hold all of the rubbish and old kitchen units. It hadn’t appeared so I phoned Kitchens Direct to ask what was going on. The guy who answered apologised (and sounded genuine), took my number and said he’d call me back once he’d spoken to the firm that should’ve supplied the skip. 30 minutes later he did, the skip arrived the next day and, presumably, was filled and taken away that same day as we never actually saw it, or all the old ripped units, again.

Similarly when the fitters started hanging the doors, they found one was completely wrong. A replacement was ordered and delivered to us promptly, with the delivery driver using his own car for it because he’d already done his mileage for the day in his van and “well, it was only one door and I didn’t want to hold up your new kitchen”.

It’s difficult to get customer service right, but I believe Kitchens Direct are doing a pretty good job. Not only that but the kitchen itself is absolutely first class, the fitters have done an excellent job, and if it wasn’t for one glitch then I’d have spent all of this post extolling their virtues.

The bottom line, and my main point, is that I’m still willing to recommend Kitchens Direct to anyone who is looking to get a new kitchen, and that recommendation is largely down to their customer service department.

And finally a quick thanks to her witchy of blueness for some sage advice for our letter of complaint.