Old habits

Louise and I commute to and from work. We get up in the morning, stumble out of the door around 7am and return home around 6pm. A quick coffee, dinner, and depending on what needs done around the house a quick tidy up or anything that needs done for the next day.

After that, it’s either TV, computer or some other sedentary habit.

However the cross trainer has been extracated from the garage and is back in the living room, and whilst I’ve still to venture near it, Louise has taken it for a spin a few times.

The habit is the hard thing to break. I managed it when I started jogging a couple of years ago but as I’m trying to lose more weight before trying that activity again I’m finding it hard to diet hard enough to make any kind of progress.

That said, I have lost 11lbs since my blood pressure scare a couple of months ago, and I’m still watching what I’m eating (to a point). I know I could do better but… habit, you see.

So, my dear blog reading friends. Have you broken a habit? If so, how? Please share your wisdom in the comments.