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Another week has zoomed past, and I’m only now catching up! I’ve been helping out with our development group retrospectives… but more on that later. For now, here are a few things that caught my eye this past week. Gatekeeper vs. team member Whilst not directly talking about technical writing, there are some good points…Continue reading Recently Read

Harissa Paste

Picture the scene, if you will, of a dashing and debonair young man, slim of body with flowing locks of blonde hair framing his sculptured face as he lounges gracefully on a chaise lounge. Soft music plays in the background, whilst the delicate fragrances of dinner waft from the kitchen. A tranquil scene I’m sure…Continue reading Harissa Paste

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Ahhh, the end of another week (well it will be in a few hours, just a few last diagrams to be rebranded…), which means it’s time for a quick roundup. Pilcrow & Capitulum A nice little post for the font freaks (guilty!) discussing the evolution of the that little symbol that is often used to…Continue reading Recently Read

Usability sucks

I’m getting royally fedup with a lot of what I read that is written in the name of usability. Maybe it’s just a personal loathing of the overly academic, or perhaps I lean towards simplicity a little too heavily but SHEESH, some of the better known experts can’t half prattle on… I’m a member of…Continue reading Usability sucks