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Text Preferences Survey What is the ideal text size to use on the web? What about line height and column (line) length? Most of the information in this area is based on print (at best) or anecdotal (at worst). A design agency in Brighton, Message, has decided to try and find out by carrying out…Continue reading Recently Read


I really don’t know why I didn’t do this last week, and since a few other bloggers have since been to see them, and they share my view that this is very much a band to see live, I feel chagrined into writing up my thoughts about the Elbow gig I attended a couple of…Continue reading Elbow

Friday night

To celebrate the recent release of our product, the Development group had a wee night out, as is our wont. A few of us (you know, the sensible ones) congregated in a Pizza Express for some food then nipped across the road to catchup with everyone else in Stavka, a vodka bar. It was a…Continue reading Friday night


Last week I spent most of my time facilitate our retrospectives, that is I spent a lot of time chairing meetings, encouraging and monitoring debate, and far too much time manipulating Post-It notes. Let me explain. Within the development group, we base our working practices on Agile development and part of that suggests that at…Continue reading Retrospectives


After a fairly epic night out on Friday (why do I drink vodka shots when I don’t really like vodka…?), I was a little fuzzy round the edges on Saturday. I was also completely knackered having spent most of my week facilitating meetings, which is far more tiring than both it sounds and that I…Continue reading Portishead