Hungary bound

Camera, check. iPod, check. Books, check. Ohhh! Clothes.. check (kinda). Ummm… toiletries, check. Ehh… passport, check. Cash, check. Right. We’re off to Hungary. Back on Sunday. Ohh don’t worry, there’ll be a couple of posts along soon to keep you occupied. Viszontlátásra!

We Haz Teh Kitchen!

Laminate flooring is a bugger (or maybe it’s the instructions?). But, finally, it’s done!! Well, technically speaking there are a couple of small jobs to do but that’s the big stuff out of the way. You should’ve seen us when we laid that last bit of flooring, high-fiving like a couple of NBA All-Stars we…Continue reading We Haz Teh Kitchen!

Recently Read

Blimey, another week has flown past and, as ever a few things have caught my eye. 9 ways to gather user feedback It’s often a struggle to get true user feedback on your documentation, Craig Haiss offers some suggestions to improve things in this area. Whilst I’ve tried some of these, and had heard of…Continue reading Recently Read


Looks like a day of constant drizzle ahead so I’m stuck indoors. Louise is away out to do some shopping and catchup with a friend over lunch and freshly brewed coffee is currently gurgling away in the kitchen. Tasks for the weekend are to finish the flooring in the kitchen. We failed last weekend as…Continue reading Distracted

Got TED?

Have you heard of the TED conference? (TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design) No? It’s been going a while now, and got started back in 1984 …out of the observation by Richard Saul Wurman of a powerful convergence between Technology, Entertainment and Design. The first TED included demos of the newly released Macintosh computer and…Continue reading Got TED?

Web 2.0 and Communities

The timing of this post, and the announcement by the Cherryleaf blog that they’ve created a Facebook group for technical authors, is completely coincidental. However there does seem to be a genuine move towards online communities, or perhaps it’s just the latest fad? It’s an interesting time to be building an online community, and I’m…Continue reading Web 2.0 and Communities


I really shouldn’t use that as a title for a post, all I now have in my head is Chandler (from Friends) talking about how funny it would be to have a Merge road-sign above the bed (“MERRGE”). Anyway, the week is rolling past at a fair old lick, and the countdown to our trip…Continue reading Merge

What do YOU do?

Re-reading the article I submitted to the ISTC Communicator magazine, I realise that my average day isn’t: particularly average at all a true representation of everything I’m involved with I lead a team of writers so my typical day may not apply to everyone, and I also have a tendency to stick my nose in…Continue reading What do YOU do?

Don't panic

Watching the news, watching the cars queue at the garages, sucking them dry. Which is all fine aside from the fact that OUR tank is close to empty. The car computer reports we have 94 miles left, so let’s presume we can squeeze that to around 120 miles (at the very very most). Given that…Continue reading Don't panic