A few random things…

Twitter continues to absorb, offering an instant outlet for tiny thoughts and today was Muxtape day. As ever, Meg was near the front of the list, but I soon followed along. Completely illegal I’m sure so I don’t expect it to last…

Asaph has caught my eye as I continue to find a way to gather together my online life, although I’ll happily admit that these days I’m not as bothered, or driven, to find a ‘solution’ as I’m not really seeing it as a problem.

I have two blogs, a Twitter account, a Flickr account and follow copious amounts of sources via RSS. I’ve stopped watching feeds that aren’t full (with very rare and limited exceptions) and I’m quite happy with my ‘online life’. I’ve made my peace with not reading EVERYTHING that crosses my path, letting my own internal filters deal with it as best they see fit. Hey, I also delete emails… shocking I know.

I’m enjoyable busy at work, and currently looking at things like Drupal and Joomla, and possibly Ning as part of a slight shift in my role.

I’ve still not sorted through my books, but we have some time this weekend so I might take a stab at it at some point. We are off into uncharted territory on Saturday, visiting Peggy, and Sunday will be the last day without a kitchen. My letter of complaint is primed and ready (still to send it to the people who generously offered to comment on it, must remember to do that).

Building work has started opposite our office, and the piledriver started today, leaving a nice shockwave rippling across to our office and shaking my monitors ever-so-slightly. You know, just enough to make me feel nauseous. Every 5 minutes or so… bleuch.

Also need to get car tax sorted, order some Florints, organise the tiler, figure out how I’m going to do the flooring in the kitchen, do a little tidying up in the garden and… so on and so forth.

As usual, a lot of little things going on. Most of which I won’t ever mention again!