Getting to EXPERT

The gaps in your documentation aren’t there because you haven’t consider a particular level of user; the gaps in your documentation are there because you haven’t considered how one level of user becomes another. How DO you get from Beginner to Expert? The question above was prompted by a presentation I attend last week, given…Continue reading Getting to EXPERT


What is it about these things, these events in life that all seem to collide. Days go by with only the merest ripple distorting the norm then … BLAMMO! … For example, take tomorrow. I need to be in the office to deliver a presentation as part of our induction and the kitchen fitters are…Continue reading Fate?

Recently Read

Been a while since I did one of these and, as ever, they reflect some of the things that have caught my eye over the past week or so. A couple of things on DITA which have me rethinking my approach towards it, and a some links to posts discussing … welll community, social media,…Continue reading Recently Read

No searching…

I’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, to add a better (Google) search to this site. Alas because I have a hand-coded WordPress theme, and I last looked at it about a year ago, I’ve managed to bork the search results location. So, for now, the search isn’t working. Nuts. Thanks to Tom, it’s all working now, and…Continue reading No searching…

A day in the life

As featured in the Spring 2008 edition of Communicator, the magazine for ISTC members. I’m the Publications Team Lead at Graham Technology, a mid-sized (and growing) software company based in Scotland and like many people in this field, I have a wide range of duties. As well as the more traditional technical authoring work, I…Continue reading A day in the life