A night of noise

A thin moaning whisper, hissing through gaps, sputtering through trees and racing over roof tiles, strumming cables. Booming and bursting on buildings, howling and roaring onwards. Thuds and thumps peal from fallen bins, clanging gates fire salvos into the night. The rhythm continues to erratically bang and clunk, knock and pound. A huge throb of…Continue reading A night of noise

Ollie update

Seeing as someone asked… He’s doing fine. Ohh you want details? Well he got his booster injection yesterday and didn’t put up too much of a struggle, so he’s now all clear, vaccinated, wormed, flea treatment applied, all ready for his week long holiday in a local cattery. The vet gave him a quick check…Continue reading Ollie update

I am ashamed

I’m a grown man. Well, as grown as a man can ever be, and I’m figuring that I’ll never really stop being a small child. Not really. I mean look at the evidence; the toys of our childhood remain but are now called gadgets, as children we were never happier than when we were being…Continue reading I am ashamed

Agile Source

If you are working in an Agile environment, and don’t have “single source” in mind when you write then you are slowing yourself down. Working in an Extreme Programming environment (an Agile methodology that our Development Group follows) brings a unique set of challenges. During the early stages of a release, we spend a couple…Continue reading Agile Source

Bad Salesman

When we bought our house we knew it would take some time to modernise. It’s not been kept in the greatest of care, and we are slowly working our way through the required work. The next big job is a new kitchen, which is getting installed in March, and as we had a little money…Continue reading Bad Salesman

Recently Read

“Don’t know what I want, but I know how to get it” Jeff Patton revisits the basics of Agile development, and one section leapt out at me. Saying “shippable” to people in the customer role means implies they’d better get the requirements right because that’s the way Agile development works. Now, I believe Agile people…Continue reading Recently Read

No Docs = No Product

What of agile documentation? It seems like such an old argument that surely, SURELY, doesn’t need revisiting? Alas it seems that the world of software engineering still contains those who think that code = product. Thankfully, in my experience, the numbers are thinning as most practitioners of modern software practices are at least educationally aware…Continue reading No Docs = No Product


It’s a little over one year since a changed jobs and I’ve loved every minute. I do miss one thing about the old place though, aside from the (most of) the people of course, the location. I spent a few years commuting by train into Glasgow city centre, and I must admit I miss the…Continue reading Voyeur


Dentist this morning, a hygienist visit only thankfully (no I don’t floss enough, I know, I know) then the car goes into the garage this afternoon to get a bump stop replaced. I think. It may be two bump stops. I’m not sure. It’s under warranty and has something to do with the suspension. After…Continue reading Dump