Do you have the receipt?

So, did you get anything nice? You DID! Ohh you must’ve been very good then.

I got some excellent presents this year, but I have to admit that as time marches my attitude towards Christmas is changing.

I’m fairly agnostic these days, and look upon such Christian-based holidays in a more spiritual sense. Christmas is a time to re-connect with family and close friends, to spend time with loved ones and generally ground yourself before the next helter-skelter year comes along.

The acting of giving and receiving presents is well established but, like many traditions, seems to a little misplaced these days. After all, in our current society where anyone with a reasonable income can afford everything they need, and a lot of things they don’t, then any gift is either very specific, or generic enough that it becomes one more item in a cupboard or wardrobe.

That sounds mean. It’s not supposed to be, and I know that most people put a lot of thought and effort into their gift buying, all of which is very much appreciated, and it is genuinely exciting to open a present that has been chosen especially, but there surely must be a limit of the amount of stuff one can own.

I am seriously considering asking for donations to charity for next year.

Hey, I said considering, I’m not actually going to do it… am I??

Anyway, I’m sure you got a present or two that you aren’t really that fond of… go on, spill the beans… I’ll even let you comment anonymously (use a false name, your email address isn’t displayed).

If I get enough comments I’ll give you the gory details of the wonderous present I got from my in-laws one year…