Our new wine rack

Inspired by, ohhh ok, copied from this post over at IKEA Hacker, with the addition of some lighting, we now have a new wine rack. It needs a few more bottles, and possibly the addition of some rubber dots to stop the bottles rolling around but I think it looks quite good. What do you…Continue reading Our new wine rack


After the debacle of having to rip up my bank card, we headed to my parents for dinner on Friday night. They’d left some money lying about on the table (exactly the amount I’d wanted to get from the cash machine) so I pocketed that. I hope they don’t notice… Saturday morning, up early for…Continue reading Weekender


So it seems some low life piece of scum has managed to get hold of my debit card details and has been using it to purchase… something. First transaction was two days ago (I guess to test it works) for £10. Listed in my bank statement as “Maidenhead”. Second one for £50 listed the same…Continue reading Thievery

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12 Lessons for Those Afraid of CSS and Standards “It took me two years to break out of the comfortable prison of layout tables, and another two years before I could use CSS to produce layouts that were originally intended for tables.” “The buzz about Web 2.0, CSS, and myriad other subjects of the bleeding…Continue reading Recently Read


Disclaimer: Adrian Sevitz, who occasionally comments here, is Chief Geek at Vzaar. I have received no incentive to write this post (cheapskates). If I am rewarded after the fact, in anyway at all, I will of course let you all know. As ever, all bribes and freebies are welcomed… I don’t eBay* much but the…Continue reading vzaar