Nice! Cool!

I miss spam comments. Running WordPress with Askismet means I see little to no spam here which is a shame because I received some real belters in my time. I’m not talking about the large list of links to various shady corners of the internet, I’m talking about the somewhat random poetry-esque spam that would…Continue reading Nice! Cool!

Recently Read

Another week (and a bit) has passed. Time is tight for me at the moment, and I’m not posting here as often as I’d like so, for now, here’s a quick roundup of everything that’s zipped past my inbox in the past week: Resources on presentation design … advocates an assertion-evidence design, which serves presentations…Continue reading Recently Read

For the Fallen

There is little else to mention here today as everything else pales into insignificance. Draft posts have me pondering the moaners of the world and listing pet peeves, all of which seems so petty. Remembrance Sunday seems old-fashioned and trite at times but fundamentally it is worth taking time not to remember but to consider.…Continue reading For the Fallen

OSX Help

Having recently upgraded my MacBook to run the latest version of OSX, I’ve been using the built-in Help to figure out how to configure things to the way I like them. It’s an excellent example of well designed and integrated help. Of particular note is the effect shown in the screenshot below. An excellent example…Continue reading OSX Help