Eyes Open

Note: This is the last of my posts written whilst on the train home on Thursday. Hotel life is odd. I don’t think i could be the travelling businessman, constantly moving from one hotel room to another, eating over-priced, rather average food, and ultimately being very very lonely. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice for…Continue reading Eyes Open

Homeward Bound

The sun slinks away across the fields, the soft faded glow trailing in its wake as the hills become mountains again. He is heading home. As the train rattles and rushes onwards a solitary face stares past the reflections to the distant hills. The remnants of daylight pick out a cottage on the hillside, lights…Continue reading Homeward Bound

Heading home

Almost packed, but I think I can get this flaky wireless connection to stay online for long enough to post some quick thoughts. The conference was very informative, and it was good to meet other TechPubs Managers and chat about the variety of responsibilities and “challenges” we all face. My presentation went well, although I…Continue reading Heading home

I am a star!

OK, I’m not really, I have a tendency to mumble and, being Scottish, I talk faster than most (I put this down to the speed at which Scottish women talk, you have to be fast to get a word in edgeways.. ). My mind wanders off topic quite easily and I tend to try off-the-cuff…Continue reading I am a star!