(Don't) Call me

I need some advice. I want either cheaper TV, Broadband and Telephone calls, how do I get them? Actually that’s a lie, I only really want cheaper telephone calls. Currently we have contracts with both Sky and Virgin Media. We have Sky for our TV viewing and we take all the movies and sports channels,…Continue reading (Don't) Call me

Torrents of TV

In response to a plea on Twitter, where I’d just mentioned that I’d thoroughly enjoyed Episode 7 of Series 2 of Heroes (and with apologies for the delay), this post will take you through how I get the latest greatest episodes of my favourite US TV shows long before they are shown in the UK.…Continue reading Torrents of TV

Dilbert does it again

I really don’t know how Scott Adams manages to tap into these things, or is the software industry REALLY that similar the world over? Regardless suffice to say that, in our Extreme Programming (XP) development group (XP is a form of Agile development), todays’ Dilbert raised a bit of a chuckle: (click for bigger)

Site Notes

Just a couple of things to point out. RSS Feeds Adrian pointed out, quite rightly, that I have 4 RSS Feeds when I only really need 3, and even then they aren’t brilliantly titled. So I’ve sorted that out. If you have any issues you may need to resubscribe. Sorry for the hassle. Archives Switched…Continue reading Site Notes

FAO (some) bloggers*

Dear, …grayblog…, A beautiful revolution: blog, Amateur Shutterbug, An Unreliable Witness, Autoblography, Back in a Bit, Becky’s T-Blog, bitful, Blackbeltjones/Work, Blogging and Knitting; The Home of Domesticated Bloggage, Blogzira…, bloomfield.me.uk, Blue Witch, bob’s yer uncle, Boob Pencil, Boob Pencil, Chasing Daisy, Comfortable Disorientation, d4d, Dave Gorman, Day to Day Life of a Very Lazy Gardener,…Continue reading FAO (some) bloggers*

This is not a video

As I mentioned previously, the opening presentation at TICAD was by Adobe and featured their vision of the future of Technical Communications and information development. Apparently that future includes video. Video has been available to many for a few years now, yet it is never really the main focus of a documentation team. Tom has…Continue reading This is not a video