A pound of guilt

Needless to say, portions of the internet are abuzz, discussing the ins, outs and possible impact of the way Radiohead have handled their recent album sales (they are allowing the buyer to set the price when downloading the MP3s, and yes, you can set the price to zero – more on that here). Having heard…Continue reading A pound of guilt

How much for free?

Tomorrow, in case you hadn’t heard, Radiohead release their new album. You can purchase it to download from their website as they don’t currently have a record deal. You can also purchase a £40 box set with additional tracks, artwork, vinyl and so on, and I believe the band are in talks with a record…Continue reading How much for free?


New logo for Wacom – yes, that trumpety thing floating about on the page – from the same people who created the London Olympic logo. If you ever get a proposal from Wolff Olins, RUN FOR THE HILLS!! (via)

benders big score

A Futurama feature length adventure (video) – Benders Big Score, no less. Yay! A secret pleasure of mine.. and I know my mate Stuart will be on this like.. ummm.. what’s the phrase again “white on rice??”


Why do normal people get tattoos? – asks the BBC News Magazine. To which my response would be “define normal”. Anyway, I’ve discussed mine here before and the last line of the post is still right: “My tattoos say, I’m not what you think I am.”

Mailing Lists

I’m a member of a few mailing lists, TechWR, IAI, ISTC, Framers, WebWorks, to name but a few. Add in several high volume internal mailing lists and my email count easily tops out at a couple of hundred a day. Naturally I filter all of these into folders, and not all are read, but it…Continue reading Mailing Lists