Planning ahead

In my hangover fug I’ve been thinking about stuff wot needs to get done. One of those things is to sort out my WordPress install as the recent upgrade has left it littered with errors. It seems to be working OK but… well.. it’s annoying. Other than that, with the bulk of last week concentrated…Continue reading Planning ahead

Recently Read

Another week, another quick set of links. I really should start using one of these new fangled “social bookmarking” sites for this, shouldn’t I. Problem is I already have a account for personal use, and I like being able to add some thoughts about the links but it limits that slightly. In saying that,…Continue reading Recently Read

WordPress 2.3

Upgrade complete – sidebar borked. Apparently the introduction of the new tagging doo dah means a table is now no longer valid, the table that quite a few plugins were using, one of which was powering my miniblog posts. Hence why they’ve all, suddenly, appeared here. So, until I get some free time to get…Continue reading WordPress 2.3

apple insider

Apple Insider is doing a set of posts, in the lead up to the new version of OSX (Leopard), entitled “Road to Mac OS X Leopard”. So far they’ve covered the history of the Dock and the Finder. Despite the titles, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour do not appear.