Bad habits

I remember reading, somewhere, that picking your nails was, in psychotherapy terms, a “mild form of self-abuse”. In which case, hello, my name is Gordon and I abuse myself. Hmm that last sentence doesn’t sound quite right. Anyway, yes I pick my nails, rarely use clippers and yes I tend to do it when I’m…Continue reading Bad habits

is apple evil?

Is Apple Evil? ~ “Apple is evil. At least it is if you subscribe to the notion that some corporations are good and most are evil. In reality, all corporations are pretty much the same, and if they do things you like then they’re “good,” and if they do things you don’t like, well, they’re…Continue reading is apple evil?

State of the Union

Some council workers got sacked because they spent too much time on the internet (eBay in particular). Apparently this isn’t really their fault, with Union officials blaming bosses for “putting temptation in their way” – by allowing access to the internet. Now, I’ve never had access to, or worked within an organisation that has, a…Continue reading State of the Union