Eyes closed

A soft coating of dust is not an usual sight in my home office. Every now and then it gets sufficiently bad that the naughty words and pictures drawn in it are a little too obvious and it’s time get the dusters and polish out from the cupboard under the sink, and spend a little…Continue reading Eyes closed

CSS for layout

… and why you should use it. Separating content from structure and style is a common theory, widely accepted to those of us either using or investigating single source solutions for our documentation. The same theory has been applied to web development and offers similar benefits. CSS-based web design developed in parallel with the growing…Continue reading CSS for layout

Lost Contacts

No, not LinkedIn or FaceBook, I’m talking about contacts with phone numbers and addresses and so on, not the pseudo-friends that the current crop of social web apps favour. You see, thanks to my Samsung mobile phone or, more specifically, the crap software that came with it, I’ve lost a lot of contact details. Not…Continue reading Lost Contacts

flattening the internet

Everything is flattened down to the same level, attention spans are eroded and nothing very much ends up being done. Instead, all that’s observed is the accelerating pace of creative activity – things magazine (via)