Do you RSS?

Over the past year or so, as I’ve started to struggle to keep up-to-date with the multitude of websites that interest me, I’ve increasingly turned to RSS feeds to help me manage the load. With that in mind, I’ve been compiling a list of Technical Communications feeds that I find interesting. Some are by Technical…Continue reading Do you RSS?

Writing is hard

Most of you probably know, by now, that my day job is writing software documentation. Actually it’s a hell of a lot more than that but that’s a discussion for another place, which nicely brings me round to my topic du jour. I’ve been blogging for so long now that I easily slip between “work”…Continue reading Writing is hard

Recently Read

I’m not sure if this is lazy blogging, or a useful feature but here, again, are a few of the articles and blog posts that caught my eye over the past week. Audrey Carr on Design Briefs ~ “After a series of small projects involving undefined requirements, fuzzy objectives, and an aparent lack of truly…Continue reading Recently Read

Random Stuff

A question for the Gents in the audience. In a male toilet, which has both cubicles (for Number Twos) and urinals (for Number Ones), why would you put the seat UP? And, to revisit an old topic: If there are three urinals, which one do you never stand at? Toilet enquiries aside I’m in a…Continue reading Random Stuff


BACN “describes the things you signed up for but that still feel like clutter in your email inbox”. Yes, just what we need, another (misspelled) buzzword.


A young girl skips by, her entire world reduced to the doll she holds out in front of her. As she passes an old man he breaks into a muted smile, her carefree abandon reflected in shallow water. Struggling with the wheels on the uneven pavement, a young woman graciously declines an offer of help.…Continue reading Wandering