Selling your services

Might seem a bit of an odd topic for a tech author who is employed, as opposed to contracted to, a company, but someone made this comment in passing and it kind of struck a nerve as it applies regardless of your current position. We all have something to sell.

It took me sometime to develop enough business-savvy to realise that, despite knowing that doing X instead of Y makes more sense for my users, and my team, business decisions and the drivers behind them don’t always work that way, and sometimes you have to take some pain before getting to where you want to be.

A lot of authors I’ve worked with in the past that share that mentality, are usually now managers, or senior writers or whatever the next step up our career ladder happens to be, so from my limited experience, I’d suggest that it makes sense to understand the business impacts and opportunities available, and how you can sell the services of a technical communications teams to the rest of your organisation.

There are some obvious things to try, and looking at how your marketing department are selling the product is a good place to start. But I’m curious to hear if you have tried anything in this area, and if so, what worked for you?